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Clinic In Liberia Looted, Ebola Outbreak Potentially Widespread

ebola outbreak

Clinic In Liberia Looted, Ebola Outbreak Potentially Widespread - Offices Liberia Ebola will increasingly extend to slums in the capital Monrovia after residents looted a quarantine center for patients suspected of having Ebola. Citizens take the goods, including sheets and bedding are blood stain. in fact, the virus.

Ebola transmitted through body fluids, including body, vomit, saliva, sweat, and feces of patience.

Assistant Secretary of Healthy Liberia Nyenswah Tolbert said, the violence in the slums of west point, Saturday (08/16/2014) night was sparked by angry residents because of the patience who come from other parts of Monrovia.

There are about 30 patient in the quarantine center and and the majority of patients fled when looting happens. Nyenswah said, once know to exist, the patient will be sent to the response center Ebola in public hospitals Monrovia.

A senior official policy throughout the west point will worry of contracting this deadly virus.

This incident became a new challenge for health official were struggling liberia handle the transmission of the disease is endemic.

Liberia police managed to restore order sunday in west point, a town of 50.000 inhabitants it. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf participate give appeal to Liberians.

WHO says, Ebola has killed 1.145 people in the west African Countries, including 413 people in Liberia. A number of other countries in the Africa region have been working hard to tackle the spread of the epidemic through travel restriction, delay the trip by plane, quarantine, and a variety of medical calls.

A number of airlines, such as British Airways, Emirates Airlines, Arik Air, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, and ASKY Airlines, has suspended flights to Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. Even the suspension issue Korean Air flight to Kenya although there is not one caseEbola already in the country.

Thus the article about the spread of the Ebola virus across the world, Read also Ebola: The Virus, Transmission, And Prevention.
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