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WHO: Ebola outbreak status of the International Emergency

Virus Ebola - Ebola outbreak status of the International Emergency

WHO: Ebola outbreak status of the International Emergency - Ebola virus outbreak that erupted in three countries in Africa make the West African government declared a national emergency. In fact, now WHO said ebola is a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

It's 1.711 People were infected and 932 of them died. Coordinated international response is extremely important to stop the spread of this virus. has the status of international emergency, ebola expected to  receive attention from leaders of all countries, not just the health ministry, "said the director general of the WHO, Margaret Chan. 

Reason, said Margaret epidemic is moving faster and harder to control. Therefore a national emergency in the three countries the epidemic is not enough. Although there is no cure for ebola, virus distribution chain does not mean it can not be stopped.

"appropriate action associated with infected people and the spread of ebola, including avoiding direct contact with patients through body fluids can stop the spread of this virus, " said head of health scurity WHO, Keiji Fukuda, as quoted by Reuters on Saturday (09/08/2014). 

Moreover, Fukuda said the virus infected anyone Ebola must be treated and isolated for 30 days. Therefore, they can be infected with this virus within 30 days. 

Meanwhile, expressed Balitbangkes head the Ministry of Health, Prof. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, ebola expressed as PHEIC as the epicenter of Ebola in three countries namely Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone found five things . 

"First, the health system is not working well and the condition is influenced human resources, financial condition, and material," said Prof. Tjandra in a statement to reporters. 

Moreover, understanding one's perception of the disease, including how it is transmitted also inhibit the virus handling . High population mobility and the transmission in several generations, including health facilities and hospitals also play a role.

Thus exposure of the ebola virus which I serve. See also Differences in Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. May be useful.
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