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Diet Experience - Follow The Advice Of Master Of Sport, Chandra Lower Weight Is 23 Kg In 7 Months

Diet Experience - lose weight

Diet Experience - Not only has the capability of teaching, a teacher must also have an attractive physical appearance. For Chandra Gunadi, frist appearance look very out of proportion. Therefor, he wants to lose weight. 

Obtain advice from a gym teach, a man of 25 years began changing his diet to become more organized and exercise for 30 minutes every dy. Within 7 months, the teachers who teach in Bandung managed to lose 23 Kg! The following presentation :

Being a teacher, physical appearance to be more value in addition to our ability to teach in the classroom. At the time  in 2013 i weighed 89 Kg with a height of 166 cm. Of course my weight very far from ideal so it look very out of proportion. 

Having excess body weight actually causes some difficulty in carrying out daily life. Firstly because all of the clothes that i used before will not fit. The second is a physical condition that is easily tired when walking. The third is always the subject of ridicule of friends. 

Based on the above three things i started thinking and planning to lose weight. Although time pessimist, i'm still on diet. Hearing the various from of diet, eventually i decided to ask the advice of a friend who happened to be a gym teacher. i was given a simple suggestion that eating on schedule and exercise 30 minutes every day. 

Firstly, i started preparing the meal schedule is eating morning between 5-7 Am, lunch 12-2 Pm, and dinner 5-7 nights. Beyond that i do not eat anything including snacks. It was hard in the beginning, especially at night. If you start to feel hungry, i drink a glass of tea siasati with the sugar that is not too much. 

Having started a little familiar, i try to run a second suggestion that exercise 30 minute every day. At the time i chose to run the afternoon abut half past 4 in the afternoon. i did run gradually, from 10 minute then 20 minute up to 30 minute each day. Both of these suggestions i do every day as a routine. 

Beside, i also began to sort out the foods that can help you lose weight and also consume green tea before and after sleep. Month of october 2013, i'm trying to weight which apparently show 66 Kg. With the weight i've started to believe in themseleves. 

Such disclosure of Chandra Gunadi who have problems with their weight. Read also about the diet on Unfollow Eating Rice and Replace With Wheat Bread, Agnes Down Weight 21 Kg!. Hopefully helpful, Thanks
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