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Ways To Get The Ideal Body

Diet - Ways To Get The Ideal Body

Ways To Get The Ideal Body - Ideal body's is an abstract representation difference of each person. On the other hand, in the field of health we recognize BMI/Body mass index which categorize weight in healthy weight, based on scientific research. Why abstract? At times Reinessance, the somewhat time), while in the years 60-70 super thin body ideal arguably Twiggy style. Then from the ideal body departure time change also depends on the preference of a person, for example in the field of fashion / modeling course different from the sports field where the category should ideally change. 

For trouble chewing problem (which you did not mention the reason), there are several ways to consume food nutritious and calorie 
- boiled / steamed / blender food and still select a nutritious and varied. For example, red potatoes, purple potatoes, fruits can also be streamed to more easily 'chewed'.
- after the food the finish cooking with the above step, you can add milk (full cream milk, cream, grated chees), avocado oil olive crushed oil into the food and mix well. This is to improve the quality, protein and calories in the food consumed.
- frequently eat. Because the food that you consume in nature contain more water than normal, good if you eat more often to cover / equal lack of meat food is irreplaceable water. 

Surely you must combine with exercise to calories and protein can be formed in the muscle. 

Leona Victoria Djajadi MND Master of nutrition and dietetics (The nutrition) From the University of Sydney. With a special interest in diet programs for oncology, cardiology, diabetes, gastrointestinal and diets life modification program.

Similarly, some of the solutions to keep your body to stay ideal. see also: Cheap Ways to Burn Calories in Festive Body Without Exercising. May be useful
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