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Marijuana Can Help Overcome This Health Disorders

Marijuana Can Help Overcome This Health Disorders

Marijuana, Cannabis

Marijuana Can Help Overcome This Health Disorders - At the mention of marijuana of course, we would think it is a prohibited item. it is true that marijuana including the narcotic goods. 

Yet marijuana also has other benefits that are more useful, especially for the medical world, as long as its use is under the supervision of physicians and other authorities. 

Having many benefits for the health of the world still does not mean marijuana be consumed freely. As summarized in www.idahocowgrl.blogspot.com , friday (01/08/2014), here are some benefits of marijuana to cope with health problems.

1. Reduce the Effeck of Chemotherapy


Hashis oil is said to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. In addition, this oil has also been tested by children aged 7 years, Mykayla Comstock, in United states. 

"Oil marijuana makes my eppetitr increased and couls sleep. chemotherapy makes you feel like awake all night, but weed makes me excited and happy,. " Mykayla said. 

Nevertheless, pediatricians worried about Mykayla. According to the doctors, as long as the is still an effective drug to cope with the effects of chemotherapy, the administration of marijuana in children should be avoided.

2. severe autism


The symptoms of autism are categorized as self-destructive or self harm is believed to be cured my medical marijuana treatment. It is applied to the Alex (12 years old) who also suffer from autism this category. 

Since given medical marijuana, Alex showed behavioral changes become more calm. Regularly consume medical marijuana in liquid from three times a week, the boy began to show calm behavior. 

Even so , the use of medical marijuana is still opposed by the doctors, especially of children. For some countries the use marijuana, whether for medical purposes, is still controversial.

3. Seizures


Could have a rare disease, Charlotte figi, 5-year-old girl should be having a seizure on a weekly basis. Two years later, he was finally fully recover from this illness. So what is causing it to recover from this illness.?

answer is marijuana leaf. Not only charlotte course, some people who are also experiencing a seizure, go switch on cannabis leaf. As with previous events, the medical advise not too often provide cannabis to children, because it can result in the child's own intelligence. 

"Although cannabis is not the most dangerous drug in the world, but that does not mean marijuana leaves no impact the potential dependence in the long'term. Moreover, it is used in children, "said Dr.Margaret Haney, Direktus Marijuana Research Laboratory at Colombia University, New York.

4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Mental disorders post-traumatic disorder occurs because there are events that are outside hiasa strong emotions such as excessive fear, tension, and anxiety. Usually to handle patients with mental disorders post-traumatic stress disorder needs to be given sedatives or therapy. 

Patients typically PTSD veterans. To treat these symptoms, they generally use cannabis or marijuana leaf as a substitute for tranquilizers. Even so, the researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and Radiology at New York University School of Medicine said that marijuana has no side effects. 

"is indeed a very powerful way to address the problem of fear and anxiety, but the side effect is that you will feel the appetite large, which decreases the ability to remember, as well as a decrease in the ability of the muscle, "they explained.

5. Heal Pain

Heal Pain

British pharmaceutical company, GW Pharmaceuticals, has a spray that can relieve cancer pain. This drug has the basic ingredients of the cannabis plant extract compounds made ​​with native plants. 

"Unlike drugs such as painkillers that can cause death if taken too much, patients 'overdose' cannabis spray only a small risk of experiencing acute health problems , "said Margaret Hanet, professor of clinical neurobiology at Columbia University. 

Additionally, this drug has been approved by some countries such as Britain, Spain, Canada, and New Zealand. Even so, the use of these drugs is still limited to a particular patient. Patients with cancer pain that is not caused by nerve damage should not be given this drug.

Thus the discussion about the benefits of cannabis, may be useful. Read also the benefits of mangosteen peel.
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