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Worried Fat? Here Way Out of Sugar Addiction

Worried Fat? Here Way Out of Sugar Addiction - Jakarta, you often eat sweet foods? Foods such as biscuits, cakes, sweets, and fruit juices certainly never out for your consumption. You also must consume more sugar than the prescribed limit, which is 10 percent of total calories throughout the day. 

away from sugar

visible impact of excessive sugar consumption can typically lota see from tooth decay. Children are very fond of sweets. More than a quarter of children aged five years old have dental decay. In addition, other effects such as obesity are also easily found. Currently, the introduction of public health with more emphasis on the rules controlling the consumption of sugar and calories. 

As quoted in BBC , Wednesday (07/23/2014), in addition to reducing the consumption of sugar can create effects that good for waist circumference, also resulted in the national health. Excessive sugar consumption can lead to obesity that increase the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and other diseases. then, if we reduce the use of sugar, what should we eat?

 "We need to reduce the amount of sugar that goes but should not replace them with foods that Fatty, "said Professor Susan Jebb of the University of Oxford. "Portions are good for our plates there are fruits, vegetables, fiber carbohydrates, and whole grains," she added. Examples menu that can be used as alternatives such as five servings of fruits and vegetables, two pieces of wheat bread, high-fiber breakfast cereal, baked potato, or a serving of pasta made ​​from wheat. 

So, rather than consuming soda or biscuits that can make you cross the line needs sugar, better replace them with fruits and vegetables.

So worried Fat? Here Way Out of Sugar Addiction that I can serve. Read also other articles about diet Benefits of red rice also for health.

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