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7 Causes Increased bad Cholesterol

7 Causes Increased bad Cholesterol - Cholesterol is often stated to be the cause of coronary heart disease, and several other diseases. Increased cholesterol levels can be experienced by anyone, do not know the age, race and sex, and even today there is a tendency more and more people who suffer from high cholesterol levels and the more experienced by "young people". 

7 Causes Increased bad Cholesterol

To note that cholesterol is actually extremely required by the body, among others, to make the cell wall, producing hormones and so on. Cholesterol in the body that are often classified into LDL cholesterol is known as "bad" and HDL is known as "good" cholesterol. To achieve good health proportion of both types of cholesterol (HDL and LDL) should be balanced, if LDL than HDL increases tend to cause the disease, and when compared to LDL HDL increases then the body will be healthy. 

To maintain levels remain normal koleseterol, it must be recognized by a number of factors that cause an increase in cholesterol Evil. Here are 7 causes of the increase in "bad" cholesterol that you need to recognize, as quoted from health 

1. Diet 
Eating too many foods that contain saturated fats can raise levels of "bad" cholesterol. This type of fat is found in meat offal, poultry meat, eggs, cheese, coconut oil, cookies, and various types of fried foods. 

2. Weight loss 
Piles of fat around the abdomen and waist not only make you even look for pants that fit, but also raise triglyceride levels and lower HDL or good cholesterol. 

3. The level of activity 
Less daily activity, for example too much, watch tv and lack of exercise will increase the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol and HDL is too little to make. 

4. Age and sex 
At the age of 20 years, cholesterol levels naturally tend to increase unless you do something to stop the trend. 

5. overall health 
Suffering from some kind of disease, such as diabetes or hypothyroidism can raise cholesterol levels. 

6. Family history 
Heredity also plays a role in the occurrence of apparently excess bad cholesterol this causes certain people still have high cholesterol levels despite living a healthy lifestyle and balanced. 

7. Smoking 
In addition to damaging the lungs, smoking also lowers levels of good cholesterol. 

So is the 7 Causes of Increased Cholesterol Evil can I present. Read health articles also on: Tips to maintain endurance body always healthy
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