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Articles About Cancer Gynecology Incontinence

Articles About Cancer Gynecology Incontinence

Articles About Cancer Gynecology Incontinence
bladder cancer

What is a bladder cancer ? 

Bladder cancer refers to malignant tumors of the bladder mucosa, is the most common malignant tumor in the urinary system. Bladder mucosal epithelial cells called urothelial cancer produced by urothelial cells called urothelial carcinoma, occupies the position of 90% -95% of all bladder cancers are most commonly found. Bladder cancer is less common squamous cell adenocarcinoma carcinomadan. 

How big is the incidence rate of bladder cancer

Bladder cancer worldwide occupies a position of 3% of all malignant tumors. Every year there are more than 350,000 people convicted of bladder cancer. Bladder cancer can occur at any age but when the age of 50-60 years is likely to be a higher incidence. its incidence rate is in line with the increase of age will, the incidence rate in males is approximately 3-4 times in women. 

What are the causes of bladder cancer? 

Bladder cancer is formed by the interaction of several factors. smoke 

work profession, is an aromatic factor definite cause of bladder cancer formation. Other causes are: 

1. Carcinogens in drinking water: drinking can eliminate toxins in tubuhtetapi chlorinated water may increase the likelihood of bladder cancer 

2. Urinary tract disease: current urethral epithelium experiencing chronic irritation or metabolism of carcinogens in human urine increased, causing proliferation of urothelial cancer and later became 

3. Medication - drugs: drug taking non-phenacetin-containing analgesics with a large dose makes the risk of bladder cancer is increasing. 

What are the symptoms of bladder cancer? 

1. Haematuria: hematuria hematuria can be divided into intermittent or complete, and can be expressed as an initial or terminal hematuria hematuria, the majority of bladder cancer patients will be no discharge of blood clots and clots carcasses rotting carcasses. 

2. Irritation of the bladder: a tumor formed in the bladder trigone, extends the scope of pathology or when an infection can stimulate up to the bladder, causing the phenomenon of frequent and urgent urination. 

3. Obstructive urinary tract symptoms: larger tumors, tumors in the bladder neck and the blockage of a blood clot would cause a bowel movement even urinary retention. Tumor infiltration into the hole the urinary tract can cause obstruction of the urinary tract, causing back pain, hydronephrosis and impaired renal function. 

4. Symptoms metastases: an advanced stage of tumor invasion to the surrounding bladder tissue, other organs or pelvic lymph node metastasis, will cause pain in the bladder, urethra vaginal fistula, and lower extremity edema, metastasis to more distant organs, pain bone and cachexia. 

Method - a method for diagnosing bladder cancer? 

1. Cystoscopy: can see directly where the growth of the tumor, the size, number, shape and variety of invasive, at the same time also did a biopsy test. 

2. CT-Scan: Can be found in the lymph nodes and the tumor enlarges, the level of accuracy of 80%. 

3. B - Ultrasound: With over bladder filling, stretching the walls of the bladder mucosa, B-Ultrasound can know the size of the tumor, location and degree of infiltration of the mucosa. 

4. Examination ray contrast: the examinations through ray contrast can learn the overall condition of the bladder, and the depth of tumor infiltration, the results of radiography of the renal pelvis and ureter can be determined whether there is hydronephrosis and urinary tract infiltration. 

How to differentiate stages of bladder cancer? 

Stage 0: 
Also known as carcinoma in situ, at the edges of organisms bladder tumors arise. 

Stage I: 
cancer cells have spread to the inner and outer layers of the bladder 

Stage II: 
Cancer cells have spread to the muscle layer of the bladder wall

Stage III: 
cancer cells have spread to the adipose tissue around the bladder, the possibility of spread to the genitals 

Stage IV: 
Cancer cells have spread from the bladder to the peritoneum or into the pelvis. Cancer cells may have affected up to lymph or to other organs in the body. 

after the treatment of bladder cancer, bladder or other parts of the body may experience a recurrence 

How does the treatment of bladder cancer? 

1. Surgery: surgical method is done based on the results of the pathological diagnosis of bladder cancer patients, conditions of disease and the patient's condition can be done surgically precise manner, such as: 
  • Mechanical transurethral bladder tumor surgery 
  • Radical cystectomy 

2. Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy: methods of radiotherapy and chemotherapy may be an additional method. Before or after surgery, choose to perform radiotherapy and chemotherapy can increase the effects of surgical outcomes, and improve the quality of life of bladder cancer patients. 

3. TCM: in the treatment of bladder cancer traditional Chinese medicine can be run alone or with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy can also be one of the combined treatment may play a role in tumor suppression and improve quality of life. 

Treatment for bladder cancer? 

Treatment of food : 

1. Bladder cancer patients are encouraged to eat fresh fruit and vegetables 

2. Should be given a diet high in protein such as eggs, milk and fish 

3. Give food preferences bladder cancer patients that have been modified, but avoid spicy foods, hard and difficult to digest by the body. 

favorite food of bladder cancer patients that have been modified, but avoid spicy foods, hard and difficult to digest by the body. 

Care after Surgery 

1. The condition of the room should be kept clean, with clean air also 

2. Bladder cancer patients should avoid infections, should increase endurance 

3. Families should continue to encourage and help patients eliminate negative attitudes and thoughts. Most excellent method of treatment for bladder cancer patients. 

Based on the patient's condition and symptoms of bladder cancer through the consultation of experts, multy-disciplinary teams of cancer surgeons, pathologists, radiation oncologists, oncologists and minimally invasive oncology nurse, will tailor a suitable treatment programs that enhance and maximize the results of treatment. 

What is the support given? 

In reality has proved that team Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pathology, Radiology, and nurse anesthetist professional and multidisciplinary team services for other patients will tailor an effective treatment option, most suitable and most economical as well as improving, maximizing results from the treatment itself. 

Alliance of various health science Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou compose sitem treatment "one stop" doing diagnosis and treatment as well as providing a range of medical services without increasing the burden on patients. On the other hand giving patients a wide range of medical services and the intimate other hand increase the efficiency of treatment and treatment techniques themselves. 

Physician and patient communication networks are also various kinds of bleak, internet consulting, consulting Via email, over the phone to face to face in the form of the provision of consultancy services for patients who want to fight cancer. Patients will be handled by the medical team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and translators, meet all the needs of Patients from a variety of different levels of the State. With the flow of this information to the patient can freely and settle down to do diagnosis and treatment.
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