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How to Overcome Flu Naturally

How to Overcome Flu Naturally - How to cope with the flu naturally, how do you know? Surely this is the way a natural way, without having to take medication or vitamins. 

How to Overcome Flu Naturally - flu

You certainly will have a resistance to the flu, if you always protect the body and have stamina. But also there is no doubt about the flu could be you. Especially during the rainy season as it is being whack. 

Even if the disease is mild disease accounted, but still you should be aware of this flu. Flu symptoms are generally characterized by runny nose, headache, fever, and pain in the body and muscle pain is quite disturbing your daily activities. 

To cope with the flu is not only done by taking medicine or vitamins. Although you should be able to use a natural remedy for the flu. Here's how to cope with the flu naturally, in addition to how this could be to avoid the flu. 

• Protect your immune system in a manner sufficient rest 
Adequate rest is needed if you have the flu, because the flu can come when your immune system is weak. Take a full day to really relax and give freshness.Which rested enough not only can Accelerate your flu treatment, can also help nourish the body the which is experiencing a cold or flu symptoms.

• Routine gargling 
Gargling can clear your throat. Try gargling with warm water, can also be combined various spices or herbs. Example to make potions for rinsing is to provide mineral salt and ginger can relieve your throat. 

Do rinsed four times in one day, during the morning, afternoon, evening, and night before sleep. This can relieve pain in your throat. 

• Drink warm water 
Drink warm water you need to do a flu, this is a very natural way to deal with the flu so no more chronic. Warm beverages can also help clogged nose and hoarse in the throat, helps avoid dehydration, and can relieve the nose and throat were inflamed when the flu. Steam from the hot drink could help thin the mucus that agglomerate. 

• Position a higher pillow when you sleep 
Do a pillow position higher than chest and stomach while you sleep. This method can reduce the formation of mucus in the lungs. 

That's four you should know how to deal with cold and flu symptoms naturally, the which can be done to help the treatment of influenza. So hopefully share about how to cope with this natural flu helpful. See also How to Cure Dengue Disease Naturally Toilet. Visit http://idahocowgrl.blogspot.com/ to get a variety of health tips.
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