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How to Treat Naturally stiff

How to Treat Naturally stiff  - Here are tips on how to treat diseases tired or lethargic body naturally and traditionally, using the following herbal remedies:

how to treat disease Fast Weight Tired 


  • Kaffir lime leaves, 2 handfuls. 

How Concocting Recipes And Rule of life :

  • Boil lime leaves in a container filled with 3 liters of water. Allow to boil, about 10 minutes. 
  • Pour these ingredients kadalam water bucket, then mix with water until the water becomes warm herb. 
  • Use for bath, namely during conditions of fatigue after working hard or severe pain after 

Tips to prevent body fatigue : 

Perform regular light exercise such as jogging or cycling. Keep your diet and drink water. Enough sleep and avoid stress.


That's the prescription of herbal medicine to treat diseases tired body. See also health article on How to treat a fever naturally
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