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Symptoms of appendicitis

Symptoms of appendicitis

Symptoms of appendicitis
Symptoms of appendicitis

Pain in the navel 

Symptoms of appendicitis - Appendicitis pain usually occurs on the lower right side of the abdomen. But the first sign of discomfort is usually near the navel which is then moved to the right lower abdomen. In some people, including children and pregnant women may be pain in various parts of the abdomen. As well as the pain will get worse if you move away, coughing, sneezing or jerks when driving. 

The pain rapidly worsened 

Dr. Payne said pain in the lower abdomen can be very intense, even in cases that are severe enough to wake a sleeping person. After that the severity of pain will increase rapidly, some people in just a matter of hours. 

Fever and chills 

Symptoms can mimic those of appendicitis are abdominal pain accompanied by fever, chills and shaking. But if a fever over 39 degrees Celsius and accompanied by severe abdominal pain that can make people can not stand, it is likely that the appendix. 

Nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite 

The patient may have a low appetite for several days accompanied by nausea and vomiting. If improved after 1-2 days then it is likely not appendicitis. But if it worsens and is accompanied by fever and pain lower right should seek immediate medical assistance. 

Constipation (constipation) or diarrhea 

Like many other symptoms, this condition will occur after the person experiencing abdominal pain. If diarrhea is accompanied with a lot of mucus and lower right abdominal pain, see your doctor. 

Abdominal bloating and gas 

If you go to bed in good condition but I wake up with pain, you should be careful. As well as if the stomach often feel bloated and full of gas but have difficulty flatulence and intestinal pain. 

Pain when releasing the pressure on the lower right abdomen 

Dr. Payne said that when someone presses the lower abdomen and feel pain when releasing the pressure, you should not do it again and consult a physician as possibly associated with appendicitis. Especially if the pain is accompanied by fever, nausea or other symptoms. 

Causes of appendicitis 

  • bacterial infections (Escherichia coli) 
  • blockage (obstruction) in the lining of the channel (lumen) appendix by heaps of feces / stool hard 
  • Hyperplasia (enlargement) of lymphoid tissue 
  • worm disease 
  • parasite 

Facts about appendicitis 

  • Each year, approximately 700,000 patients are admitted to the emergency room for treatment. 
  • Acute appendicitis is a disease and often go unnoticed by the patient. New at the age of forty complaints of this disease is felt 
  • There were three complaints in the stomach of a patient's disease of the appendix; the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, adominal rigid, pain in navel area to the lower right quadrant of the abdomen. 
  • There are 98,000 cases of the disease untreated appendicitis each year 
  • One in five people with the disease usually do not pay attention to the appendix with good health 
  • More than 100,000 are believed to suffer from a perforated appendix was never reported to the doctor 
  • Thirty percent of the patients disease appendix is perforated appendix, and five percent potentially was not helped 
  • The possibility of a child under the age of eight years old suffering from appendicitis is two times compared to children older than eight years. 
  • Women more likely to suffer from appendicitis disease than men (fifty percent).
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