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Ebola : The Virus, Transmission, And Prevention

Ebola : The Virus, Transmission, And Prevention - The disease is caused by a virus that is very vulnerable growing in tropical region such as Indonesia. But unfortunately, there are still many people who do not understand this. As well as understanding precaution, the following is a brief description of an Ebola Virus.

Ebola Virus

This virus was first discovered in 1976 when outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever caused great equator line in west Sudan, Zaire near the first country to join the union of the country the democratic Republic of Congo.

The virus attack more than five districts in the area and resulted in the death of 90 percent of the population

During the Ebola virus in Africa is thought to be transmitted by direct contact with blood, body fluids, and a touch of wild animals are susceptible of contracting, such as chimpanzees, monkey, gorilas, African wild deer, and fruit bats.

Furthermore, it turns Ebola virus is also found outside of Africa region, as happened in the philippines and southern China region at the end of the decade of the 80s. In fact, some are also found in Latin America, especially in areas located around the tropical area.

The study long enough about this virus produces an ebola virus classification is divided into fivefive types of species. Furthermore, this study also resulted in the fact that the ebola virus can spread from human to human, like the bird flu virus.

Spread from human to human transmission occurs when there is direct contact with patients in the form of sneezing, direct wound display, and use the same cutlery. Even in Africa, the spread of the Ebola virus can also be spread through contaminated water, which until now is still the center of sanitation together.

Wrong Diagnosis

Diagnosis of the spread of the virus can hide behind some common infectious diseases known, such as malaria, cholera, leptospirosis, and so forth. Is not a rare case of medical dispersed the arrangements made ​​in Patients INVOLVED, so having one makes it susceptible to handling.

As a clear indication of the spread of this virus in humans is composed of several examples, such as shortness of breath for no reason, that is difficult to stop diarrhea, and sore throat.

Furthermore, if it is not addressed further, this virus can cause kidney dysfunction is accompanied by excess enzyme in the liver, which can result in neutralizing toxins in the body becomes blocked.

Until now there has been discovered ebola antiviral vaccine, but there are still many possibilities for avoid its. One of the main things that must be considered is the quality of sanitation and water consumption, well make sure everything was in the best condition.

In addition, note also the health of domestic animals around you, such as pets, as well as stray dogs or cats. Transmission from domestic animals has similarities with the transmission of rabies, so you need to remain alert to it.

Another way to avoid transmission of Ebola virus is a special way to the burial of animals that died due to the virus. If this is the case, make sure the animal in question is buried far from home.

Make sure you always wash your hands and limbs are open before and after burying the animals were allegedly died from ebola virus attack.

If it is important, you should immediately do a medical examination if it was in direct contact with the sources of ebola virus transmission.

Thus the discussion of the Ebola virus that I can share. Read also Know Some Ways To Prevent Transmission Of Ebola Virus. may be useful.
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