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Kenya Tightens Border Prevent Ebola Virus

ebola virus attack

Kenya Tightens Border Prevent Ebola Virus - Kenya prohibit visitors from countries of guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone entry to the country, as an effort to prevent the spread of the Ebola Virus. 

Kenya's health minister said the exemption granted to citizens of kenya and medics who fly from these Countries, Which will still allowed entry. 

National carrier Kenya Airways says it will stop flaying to Liberia and Sierra Leone when the ban applies on wednesday. 

WHO (World Health Organization) declared Kenya faces "high risk" because Ebola is a transport hub. Epidemic started in Guinea in february, and since then spread to liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. These four countries have announced a state of emergency related to the spread of Ebola. 

past Friday, the death rate from Ebola virus increased to 1,145 after the WHO reported 76 new deaths in two days on August 13. Reports put the number of cases of Ebola reach 2,127. 

Minister of Health says the risk of transmission of Ebola during low flight. 

Earlier, Kenyan health ministry declared the results of tests on four cases of Ebola in the country negatively. The case was experienced by two Nigerians, one from Liberia, and Zimbabwe.

So quickly spread ebola-stricken areas that are already infected with ebola virus, therefore we must be vigilant and be more careful with the ebola virus. Read also Ebola: The Virus, Transmission, And Prevention.
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