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Benefits of Basil Leaves To Beauty And Health

Benefits of Basil Leaves To Beauty And Health - Benefits basil leaves for facial beauty, also for the health benefits of basil leaves man's body. 

Benefits of Basil Leaves 

Benefits of Basil Leaves To Beauty And Health

Benefits of Basil Leaves To Beauty And Health - Basil is a small herb whose leaves can be eaten as a salad. Leaves distinctive aroma, Strong but soft aroma with a touch of lime. Basil is one of the ingredients for the spiced. As fresh vegetables, basil leaves are usually eaten together cabbage leaves, sliced ​​cucumber, and chili sauce to accompany chicken or fish fry. In thailand manglak and also known as common in local dishes. 

Basil is interspecific hybrids between two species of basil, Ocimum basilicum and O. It is also known as O, Basilicum Var. anisatium Benth. Aroma is typically scattered high citral content in leaves and flowers. Basil is an annual plant that grows tall with many branches. This plant-shaped shrub that can reach a height of 100cm. The flowers are arranged in bunches upright. 

The leaves are long, straight, round or egg-shaped spurs, colored green and smells of emotion. Leaf tips can also be blunt or sharp, up to 5 cm in length. Serrated surface or too flat. She smelled like cloves and bitter taste. 

Benefits and efficacy of Basil Leaf : 
  • Made tea as a cough suppressant 

On the continent of Africa and in Indian Country, regular basil processed into tea. How, with fresh basil brew with hot water and add a little sugar. Basil tea is usually taken at the turn of the seasons, when the population began to cough, colds, and fevers. 
  • Created essential oils 

European countries distills regular basil leaves and take the essential oil to be used as a mixture in the heat of making perfumes, medicines, lotions, lozenges, oil rubbed, and aromatherapy oils. 

In addition, basil leaves also contain beta-carotene, profitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin C content supports visual function, improve immune function, protein to renew cells that have died and replaced with new cells, and as beneficial antioxidants protect the body of various degenerative diseases. Basil also contains vitamin C to maintain skin elasticity and helps the absorption of iron and calcium. Basil is also rich in macro minerals that are important for growth and bone formation, nutrient absorption, and the smooth blood circulation. 


Well that basil benefits for men and also for skin beauty. Do not miss also to read the article about the health benefits of mangosteen peel.
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