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Benefits and Efficacy Soursop Leaf Fruit For Health, Of Health Naturally

Benefits and Efficacy Soursop Leaf Fruit For Health - Benefits of Soursop Fruit Soursop Leaf And The There And Content For Health: Treating Cancer, Treat Back Pain, Treating Diarrhea In Infants, Overcoming hemorrhoid, a boil Eliminate Drugs, Drugs Muscle Pain. 

Benefits of Soursop Leaf 
Benefits of Soursop Leaf

Soursop (Annona muricat L) has a thick pulp contains fiber and lots of vitamin C naturally are quite high. Antioxidants in the soursop fruit is quite high. Not only fruit, soursop leaves proved to have a powerful ability to cure cancer. In fact, equivalent to the effects of chemotherapy. If chemotherapy mation can kill healthy cells, boiling water soursop leaves only kill cancer cells or abnormal cells.  

Benefits and Efficacy Soursop Leaf : 

The content annonaceous acetogenins in soursop leaves which are antitumor compounds and cancer works great without damaging healthy cells are beginning soursop leaves is used as a treatment alternative cancer cures. Content antitumor, antibacterial, anti fungus effectively to address the problem with worms or parasites, hypertension, depression or setres, and normalize nerve depressed. 

How teradisional consume soursop leaves is to use 3 cups of water to boil until only 1 cup, then drink 2 to 3 times a day. The leaves are used is an old soursop leaves and dark green. The workings of soursop leaf herb in the body similar to chemotherapy, ie effects of heat, but it happens to some people. Not all of them feel the same effect. Efficacy of soursop leaves usually start to feel after eating for 2 weeks. 


Now that the benefits of soursop leaves, as well as the processing and content of the leaves of the soursop. Hopefully this article useful health. And do not miss to read the benefits of aloe vera leaves.
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interesting. i recommend markizza soursop juice on amazon. the taste is just perfect.


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