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Know Organ In The Human Body And Function

Know Organ In The Human Body And Function - the human body is made up of various organs which have their respective functions. Between one organ to another organ involved eventualisme for human survival. If there is one organ that troubled the adverse effects also can affect other organs were initially in good condition. 

Know Organ In The Human Body And Function

Apply a healthy life can begin by observing the pattern of hours of rest for the body. Because in the span of 24 hours, there is an organ that would work to fulfill his duties. The success of the task depends on the condition of the body. Do you want to work s 
to stay up late or being rested. Before Discussing about how to live a healthy life by recognizing the recess organs, recognizing some of the functions of the body will give positive results.

Here's Some Human Organs 

1. Throat 

Throat is located below the nasal cavity, behind the mouth, and the esophagus and windpipe (trachea). The throat is a muscular channel which is the path taken by food when entering into the esophagus. In addition, it is also a place where the air flow to the lungs 

Throat is divided into three, namely: upper throat (nasopharynx), middle (oropharynx), as well as the bottom of the throat (hypopharynx). This organ is a muscular canal lined by mucous membrane consisting of cells that produce mucus and cilia. If there is dirt that enters the body, mucus in the throat will catch it. Then, swept by cilia and directed the throat, then swallowed. 

2. Heart 

The heart is one organ that has a very important role for the survival of the body's systems work. Its function is to pump fresh blood flowing throughout the body. Therefore, when the ability to pump blood is compromised, the consequences could be fatal. In fact, it could result in death. 

3. Liver 

In medical terms, is called the liver. This section has a positioning function as a filter for filtering the blood. It is undeniable that many of the toxins that enter the body. Whether it is through food intake, or through breathing. Here, the liver acts to keep the blood clean and free of toxins. 

4. Kidney 

Kidney has a very vital role for humans. Filter the blood, keeping the fixed base balance, produce hormones, and so is the job of the kidneys. These tasks will be disturbed if there is any abnormality to her, such as kidney failure. 

Although the kidneys in the body there are two normal people, people who are born with one kidney was still alive. However, if both kidneys are not working properly, then the transplant can be very helpful 

5. Lungs 

This is a very important organ for humans. If no lungs then people will not be able to live. Lung function is to assist the process of exchange between the oxygen from the air is exchanged for carbon dioxide from the blood. 

6. Gastric 

Hull has a function for the body as well as food processors hold food for short periods of time. Moreover, any function in the gastric juices to digest food. 

7. Spleen 

The spleen is a kind of 'arms' of the stomach. Once the hull is finished executing process food - the spleen is the one that is responsible for the subsequent transport throughout the body. as well as food Detoxin 

8. Small Intestine 

Small bowel or small intestine is often referred to as having a role as a driver of food along the digestive tract so smoothly. In addition, there is a part of the small intestine, the villi to absorb nutrients. And then, the nutrients are pumped into the blood 

9. The large intestine 

At least, there are 3 functions that are run by the large intestine, which is to store and eliminate food debris. Also maintain fluid balance and electrolyte levels by absorbing water. In addition, the existing bacteria degrade. 

10. Intestinal Twelve Fingers 

referred to in medical literature as the duodenum, the duodenum is part of the small intestine which is the shortest. In the process of digestion, when the stomach is finished doing its job, then the food in the release into the duodenum, which is part of the small intestine. 

Food into the duodenum through the pylorus spingter size adjusted to the ability of the small intestine to digest. When the small intestine is full, then the large intestine that will send a signal or 'information' to the stomach to temporarily suspend the delivery of food. 

11. Bile 

Bile has a specific function to eliminate waste and to assist in the digestion and absorption of fat. 

12. Pancreas 

The pancreas produces enzymes and the pancreas produces the hormone insulin. This hormone is useful for maintaining blood sugar levels.

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