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Characteristic Symptoms And How To Prevent Lupus Disease

Characteristic Symptoms And How To Prevent Lupus Disease - Lupus is a disease with excessive immune, lupus is a disease that is not contagious. 

Lupus disease

Lupus is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are similar to other common illnesses. Lupus disease is not a disease caused by bacteria, viruses or bacteria, 

Factors likely cause of lupus disease is involvement of genetic factors, hormones, and the environment. Treatment of lupus disease is still not known with certainty, the initial symptoms experienced by people affected by lupus, usually pain in the joints and bones, the patient also experienced a long fever, and also the patient will experience a sense of tired. 

For symptoms of lupus disease at a later stage, of which the patient will experience red spots, patients experience seizures, headaches, and even patients can have a stroke when exposed to the disease lupus, and patients will also experience a miscarriage in pregnant women. 

Well, let us keep to the health of our bodies, and beware of being affected by this terrible disease lupus, get used to living a healthy and clean, because it will keep us from all kinds of diseases. 

So is there a way to ward off illness lupus ourselves?  There. Here are 5 steps to prevent it :

  • Avoid stress and apply a healthy lifestyle 
  • Reduce redundant direct contact with sunlight 
  • Stop / quit smoking 
  • Regular exercise 
  • Do dietary nutrients 

If among you or your family it has become odapus (another name for a people with lupus, red) do not rush to panic. Ensure regular self-check to a specialist rheumatology.

With regular medical treatment on the advice of the doctor (which is usually taken for life), then odapus should be able to live a normal person. 


That is the hallmark symptom of lupus disease, lupus this article may be helpful.
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